Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Good-Bye Blogger

Yes, you have read correctly....I am kissing Blogger good-bye and migrating my entire to Wordpress. Currently all of my Blogger posts are bring run off of So see my new site, please visit

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Spirit of The Holiday

Recently I have been in contact with Gregory Gallagher, one of the original writers of the Sesame Street Television Show, regarding a new venture I am working on. Anyhow, this is one of his articles (appearing in the Holiday 2005 issue of Privilege Magazine) which he attached to an email, and as he said "seems appropriate to a man and a woman with a fourteen month-old miracle in their midst." And he couldn't be more right. So many times we miss out on the important things in life because we think we are doing so good at slaving away with all the we feel is crucial. But since he says it so much better, I think I will just let you read it for yourself.

No matter which aspect of Christmas you favor the most, be it orchestrating events, theme shopping, family gatherings or dressing the tree, one factor can never be underlined enough: Christmas belongs to the children.

Imagine being one of these youngsters, as our mammoth adult Christmas machine shifts into high commercial gear. When I think of these inexperienced "innocents", I feel that we adults simply overwhelm them in our pursuit of the illusive "perfect" Christmas. Perhaps it is time to hear one of these young voices articulating what they would most like to receive from their parents this year. Allowing for poetic license and translated into my own words, here is what I imagine one of these young people might say to their folks:

Mom and Dad: I would like you not to spend any money on me this Christmas. I know this sounds crazy, but instead, I want you to give your holiday time to me; for playing games we love, talking face-to-face for as long as we want, walking hand-in-hand somewhere beautiful, or discovering an unknown place and its mysteries. We could go dog sledding, take a horse-drawn sleigh ride, work on a huge jigsaw puzzle, or play Monopoly.

This year, my dream gift includes staying in our pajamas for an entire day and not caring, even to the point where we lose track of time altogether. I would love it if we could make muffins, pies or tacos in the kitchen, and then eat them whenever we want. If we could hang out and play cards, make up stories, or play charades and giggle at our silliness; that would be an amazing gift for me to remember forever.

Part of my present this year would be for you to turn your cell-phones off for the entire holidays. It would also be amazing if we could somehow use our feet instead of our automobile and walk to and from wherever we needed to go. I would like you to unplug the televisions, computers, clocks, answering machines, and any other devices likely to interrupt our time together. These actions would convince me that you are truly focusing on my Christmas gift request.

Let's practice pretending for several days too; we could make believe that we are living on a deserted island and pool our collective talents in order to survive. We would have to find out what each of us is good at and then figure out what tasks to mount and when. We could create an entire script together, as well as maps, costumes and treasure hunts.

I want to go tobogganing until we can hardly walk, wrestle with you Dad, and tickle Mom until she weeps. I imagine my ears filling with the sound of us laughing and giggling for unknown reasons. I cherish the possibility of finding out about you as people, and as citizens of Mother Earth, not just my parents.

You are the only people on this planet who could possibly tell me the true story of your dreams, your aspirations and even your disappointments, sometimes those can be good for me to hear as well. You do not have to present your self as Super Human, I just want to know the story of your life; how you decided to have children, what issues you had to overcome and what choices you made. I want to hear about the process leading up to my birth, how it felt when I was born. What about my name, where does it comes from and how did I get it? We have a lot to talk about, and we never seem to have enough time to do it. This time, would be a priceless Christmas present to me.

I do not want any commercially bought gifts this year - not one! The only present I would truly like is your exclusive time; one-on-one, for more than a day, more than a long weekend, not at an exotic resort, not walking through some tiresome museum and not at some swanky hotel or at Uncle Fred's.

Mom and Dad: You shared your two selves in the making of me in the first place. Now, I need you to share yourselves with me, so that I can know you better, understand myself more and feel that I am important enough in your world, for you to give me the gift I want the most for this Christmas: your individual time with me over the holidays.

Merry Christmas Mom and Dad.


There is a popular stance among parents of all ages, races and income brackets, that they know what is best for their children. However, when it comes to the Christmas holidays, I think it is time for us to defer our knowing ways about the world at large and give over to the world within these precious young members of our community.

Perhaps we should empower our children this year by listening to them respond to this simple question: If Mommy and Daddy did not buy you any presents from stores this Christmas, what would you want from us instead?

I am confident that most kids will realize what you are offering them is the most treasured gift you could bestow upon them. They will eventually resound with affirmation that this is a splendid idea. Trinkets and boxes and fashionable objects are just articles that fade soon after unveiling. Whereas moments designed for sharing your self exclusively with your progeny are sure to fill your home with the joy and love inherent in this kind of dedicated interaction.

Besides, the child in each of us wants nothing more than to play and be involved in exactly this kind of outrageous nonsense; plunging headlong into a period of time when the somber realities of life fade into the distance, and we dive with boisterous abandon into cartwheels of holiday shenanigans, fun and exploration. If you are still not convinced, just remember what Doctor Seuss says:

"And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, stood puzzling, how could it be so? It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes, or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled `til his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store? What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more?"

Merry Christmas!

Gregory B. Gallagher is one of the original writers of the Sesame Street Television Show, performed saxophone with Alligator Al on the Mister Dress-Up Show, led members of the musical group Nexus on TV-Ontario's Black Box Theatre, and is currently in training as a grandfather to Xavier, Enya, Trizian, Maximilian and Sophia.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Is it really a FREE iMac?

Every day we are bombarded with pop-ups and spam advertisements, all offering this free item or that glitzy piece of technology at no out-of-pocket cost. However, most of the time they are a farce, a too-good-to-be-true advertisement accompanied with pages of fine print. Finally, one day about a month and a half ago, I decided to click on one and see what all was involved. I chose to shoot for a free 24" iMac with the only requirements being that I simply complete one sponsor offer and refer 24 people who must also complete one offer. So I submitted my information, created my account, and proceeded to the offers section. As usual, there were quite a variety options to choose from, but I chose some home decorations thingy for $1, completed the offer and clicked "Next" to move on through the process. I was immediately greeted with a number of additional sponsor offers with a single line of text along the top saying that I must complete one of the offers to move forward. The only problem was, these offers were in the $40-$80 range!

"Holy schnikeez!" says I to myself. "There ain't no way I'm paying that much for that crap!"

So I promptly clicked the red box in the upper right-hand corner of my browser and went on without another thought to it. That is, until a couple weeks later when I got a little curious and thought I would just log back in and see what my free offer status was. So I logged in to my account, and lone behold, the single $1 offer I completed was sufficient enough to count for the single sponsor offer I needed to complete. I honestly believe that they threw in those other, more expensive offers for the people who are naive enough to just follow through with them. So according to the information in my account, all I have yet to do in order to receive this alleged "free iMac" is to refer 24 additional people who all must complete at least one offer.

So, what do you say we put them to the test? Is this really a free offer or simply another scam? I need 24 people to click on the link at the bottom of this post, sign up for an account and complete one (1) offer (I personally recommend the ones that are in the $1 range). Once you have done this, give it enough time to process (maybe up to a week or two....I'm really not sure), and then log back into your account to make sure that the offer registers as completed.

The best part? I will personally reimburse the first 24 people for the cost of their trial offer (up to $2 / person). So, essentially, this is free for you to participate in. Please, join in the "fun," and let us separate the truth from fiction!

CLICK HERE to sign up.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

...just like a tattoo

The American public is an extremely brainless group of collective souls. Take this last season of American Idol for example, laced with all the controversy over a lousy-singing, bad-hair-wearing, sissy named Sanjaya Malakar. Or how about the previous season when they passed up Jewish-born Elliot Yamin and heartthrob Katherine McPhee for a poor-talented, anal-retentive moron named Taylor Hicks. But one good choice that America made was crowning Miss Jordin Sparks, then seventeen, as last season's American Idol. Jordin is young vivacious, extremely talented, and she puts out good music, making her one of my most recently-named favorite artists. Her newest single, "Tattoo," is awesome....and as Alyse and I both agree, she's got a sexy voice.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Dedication? Determination? Or just plain obsession?

This morning while I was passing an individual on the highway (a common occurrence when I am behind the wheel) I saw them lift a grayish-silver object to their cranial region. I simply assumed that they were infusing their morning dose of caffeine from one of those large, silver, insulated travel mugs. But when they pulled it back down without taking a sip and immediately brought it back up to their head I began to get suspicious. So as I kept my car between the lines I gazed in my rearview ('cause by this time I had already passed them) and was taken aback by the fact that this person included their morning exercise regime with their commute. What originally appeared to be a large coffee mug was instead a 10- or 15-pound weight that they were curling in their arm.

At first I admired them....what dedication they have to maintaining their physical fitness and overall health. Then on second thought I was fill with pity....this poor soul felt so insecure about themselves that they were determined to overcome their physical obstacles whatever the cost. But on last thought, I just dismissed the whole scenario as plain obsession....this person was so utterly consumed with themselves that they couldn't even take the time to enjoy the open road without trying to beef themselves up.

As I took another sip from my Dr. Pepper I simply shook my head.